Japan Business Desk


日系企業のお客様のインド事業を支援するために、当事務所内に日本語対応窓口Japan Business Deskを設置しています。Japan Business Deskは、インドと日本の言語や文化的な違いを踏まえ、日系企業のお客様がインドの複雑な法律や規制の理解を深めるための架け橋となります。

既にインドで事業されているお客様だけではなく、インド進出を考えているお客様が、円滑に事業が推進できるよう、Japan Business Deskはワンストップ窓口として、お客様を支援します。

Japan Business Deskのメンバーは、日本及びインドのビジネス文化や慣習を深く理解し、クロスボーダー事業における長年のコンサルティング経験をもっています。

We have set up a Japan Business Desk (JBD) in order to serve our Japanese clients in a better way. The endeavour of the JBD is to act as a bridge between our professionals and clients from Japan so as to ensure that there are no barriers as to linguistic and cultural differences. This will indeed facilitate Japanese corporates doing business in India.

Thus, the JBD acts as a single and reliable coordination centre for Japanese companies proposing to do business in India and is well adept to respond to all business and professional requirements of Japanese companies.

The leaders of our Japan Business Desk are citizens of Japan and command excellent firsthand knowledge and experience of business environment in India and related legal and taxation aspects, having worked in India with Indian professional firms for several years. JBD has successfully assisted countless number of Japanese corporates doing business in India in demystifying complexity of Indian legal regime and tax tangles. JBD surely brings greater clarity and insight into legal and taxation environment in India for Japanese companies looking to do business in India. The team members have a deep understanding and knowledge of Indian and Japanese customs and culture, and longstanding experience in advising Japanese clients.

Contact our Japan Desk at japandesk@chrilegal.com.