A closer look at the dress watch by Rolex

The Rolex Cellini Dual Time ref. 50525 features a case made of 18k Everose gold (Rolex own pink gold, a specific alloy that keeps its pink color longer than 'normal' pink gold). It also exists in 18 white gold. The overall shape of the case has the DNA of Rolex, nevertheless with certain details that make it rather distinct - and of course, more elegant. It's like changing just one ingredient in a recipe, which is the same with the Rolex Cellini Dual Time ref. 50525. When the submarine rose out of the water, the timepiece emerged unaffected by the dive and was ticking normally.
Of course, don't expect some Haute-Horlogerie details here.

The watch had a matte, black dial, large luminous markers and luminous hands for the hours, minutes and seconds. The movement of the Rolex Cellini Dual Time Ref. 50525 is like the rest of this watch: sharp, extremely well executed and feeling super-qualitative when worn.
The new Rolex Cellini is a success for a simple reason: it's the vision of a dress watch by Rolex that collectors were expecting. Everything from the shape of the case, the crown, the bezel, the crystal, the dial, the hands or the markers are modified but not changed. Every genuine part is still used but all are highly customized (except the sapphire crystal that is an aftermarket one, manufactured to special specifications). Nevertheless, it has some interesting details that make this replica watches for sale in usa a changer as well: a slim fluted bezel, a domed case back, a slimmer case and this superb pattern on the dial. All in all, we could even find a bit of vintage feel here (something that is not usual for Rolex). cheap rolex

As the 1930s progressed, Rolex began to develop watches made specifically for use under water. (The early Oyster and Oyster Perpetual were not thought of as watches for swimming; the point of their impermeable cases was to protect the movement from dirt and accidental exposure to moisture.) Until 2014, this was true, when the "Crown" introduced their own vision of a round, traditional dress watch, the new Cellini collection. It's time for us to have a closer look at the dress watch from Rolex, in its most complicated edition, the Rolex Cellini Dual Time, Everose Gold Ref. 50525.

Each function is there for a good reason, for a practical reason. Nothing is added for the fun or the beauty of it. Whatever the brand, most have this "Calatrava" style, meaning round cases, polished, with a chamfered bezel and straight lugs and usually a bright dial with 2 or 3 hands and baton applied indexes. Sounds familiar, right? Besides its complexity, it aims to make their lives easier. The strength of the 2022 Rolex Cellini collection is that it is 100% Rolex nevertheless with the extra elegance required by this type of watches - that some call dress watches or Tuxedo watches - and without being too Rolex, which means that it is not another Oyster watch. It consists of an interior support ring, a 5-mm-thick domed sapphire crystal and a titanium caseback. The Rolex Cellini is all about details, whether they refer to the DNA of Rolex or whether they add a 'dressy' look. Not having to wind the watch manually meant that the crown needed to be unscrewed only occasionally for setting.